A food truck is a big motorized vehicle, such as a small bus or trailer, where you can cook, prep and sell your food. It comes with an organized and onboard kitchen with a long list of fast foods . World cuisine such as Italian, French and Mexican also find acceptance among foodies. In addition to food, they can sell cold drinks such as carbonated drinks and water. This new practise of dining had drawn inspiration from European countries. Running a food truck business is a great opportunity for businessmen if they are passionate about serving the best food.In contrast to opening a restaurant, there is no need to buy or rent expensive spaces so you get to start with a small investment.

Some food truck owners prefer to park their vehicles in apartment buildings, private areas, schools or company offices. Many food trucks are transformed into fixed kitchens or parked for
business in the basement of the mall or at private events. There are also a couple of food streets in large cities where you can start.Indeed, given that the threat of COVID-19 follows us everywhere, a food truck is a safer option.People can wait for food in their car’s security or can queue, keeping social distance.The benefit of mobility in a food truck allows owners to access several locations.The outbreak has changed the food truck industry:vehicles no longer operate in the streets, but have changed their business strategy. Many have converted into cloud kitchens and deliver food via online partners. Clients hire food trucks for special events such as business meetings, weddings or shoots for films.Some also carry ads and banners for various brands, providing a different source of revenue for the owner.


Initially you should have a business plan that outlines the program for growth in future. A properly documented business plan is important if you are interested in fundraising from investors. It should include the following elements:

An overview of the company : Enumerate the reasons why you want to start the food truck venture. You should also point out in what way it will be different from competition.
Analysis of markets : You would need to write to find out who your target audience is and what will be your area of service.
A description of the product : List the food offer or, specifically, provide the details of the menu.

Starting a restaurant truck business will require an investment in –

Truck for the business
Interior decoration
Ingredients for cooking