How To Protect Your Furniture From Sun Damage

However, the effect of UV rays on furniture fabrics is one disadvantage of having so much sunlight shining into interior rooms. Sunlight fades the vibrant hues of rugs, couches, chairs, and other non-leather or otherwise sun-protected furniture.


You’re wondering if the sun’s rays can actually harm the furniture in your home. Yes, l sun can wreak havoc on your furniture. UV radiation from the sun can fade vivid hues over time and harm wood, resulting in irreversible discoloration in some cases. UV radiation can fade or darken wooden furniture, depending on the type of wood. Furniture placement in rooms with a lot of natural light should be considered. You could choose to install honeycomb blinds in Sydney, or cover them up using sheer blinds in Sydney, but it is best to take extra care of your furniture. Therefore, here are a few tips you need to consider to protect your furniture.

Think about hanging curtains, or using shutters in Sydney for sunlight blockage. Window treatments can be an efficient way to keep some sunlight out of your living room, kitchen, and dining area while also protecting your furnishings from sun damage. However, for this method to be most successful, virtually all of the windows must be covered, which is not practicable in many spaces, especially when light is desired. You can limit the quantity of light that enters the space with some window treatment alternatives.

Try to keep your furniture away from the sun. If at all feasible, rearrange the area to keep your furnishings out of direct sunlight. To identify the ideal location for your furniture, pay attention to how the sunshine flows through your windows throughout the day. To help limit the amount of UV exposure your furniture receives, try to place your more precious pieces in shady areas.

The use of window film is the third item in this list of ways to protect furniture from sun damage. When tinted window film is placed inside windows, it can help block the bulk of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing your furniture from deteriorating. Most window film alternatives don’t block your view of the outside, so you can get the best of both worlds: protection from the sun and a good view.