Four Steps to Protect Your Family

Pornography marketers will make at least two new Websites while you read this message. That’s thousands every day. The more sites they can make, the more traffic they get, and the more money they make. It doesn’t matter if you, your spouse, or kids are looking for them or not. They’re looking for you- and everyone they can get.

Many Americans accidentally stumble onto pornographic material while
online. A recent story at CNN (see for details) tells how a man was arrested for redirecting unsuspecting victims to one of over 3,000 pornographic Websites.

He used common misspellings for sites like Disney, Britney Spears, or Barney, so that people looking for those sites would find pornography instead.

Why would a pornography marketer go after people that aren’t looking for pornography? Because they can make more money by constantly finding new targets and selling to them. Young teenagers and kids are naturally curious, are developing physically, and are more likely to be addicted to pornography later in life if they are exposed to it while they’re young.

This is one of the largest industries online, and it continues to grow rapidly. You don’t have to throw out your computer to keep your home safe from Internet filth. But you do need to follow a few precautions.

1. Keep your email safe.
Many email services filter out emails you don’t want before you see them- check in with whatever you use now to see if they offer this. Another way to keep your email safe is to use two addresses, one for family and friends and one for everyone else. Guard your private email address closely. Use your public email address everywhere else. If it starts to get a lot of unwanted emails, stop using it and make a new one.

2. Be active in your family’s Internet choices and make rules.
Make sure your children know that