MIC-MCAAA (Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – AZ-104)

  1. monitoring and backing up Azure resources. This ensures that certified professionals are well-equipped to handle real-world challenges.
  2. Career Advancement: With the growing adoption of cloud technologies, the demand for skilled Azure administrators is on the rise. Achieving the MIC-MCAAA certification AZ-104  can open doors to advanced career opportunities and higher salary prospects.

Key Exam Details

The AZ-104 exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills across five key areas:

  1. Manage Azure Identities and Governance: This includes managing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects, role-based access control (RBAC), and subscriptions and governance.
  2. Implement and Manage Storage: Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in managing storage accounts, data replication, and configuring Azure files and blob storage.
  3. Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources: This involves configuring VMs for high availability, managing virtual machine (VM) sizes, and automating deployment processes.
  4. Configure and Manage Virtual Networking: This covers managing virtual networks (VNets), implementing and managing hybrid networking, and configuring name resolution.
  5. Monitor and Back Up Azure Resources: Candidates should be able to monitor resources using Azure Monitor and implement backup and recovery solutions.

Preparing for the Exam

To succeed in the AZ-104 exam, candidates should have hands-on experience with Azure services. Microsoft provides various resources to help with preparation, including:

  • Microsoft Learn: Free online modules that provide in-depth coverage of exam topics.
  • Instructor-led Training: Classroom or virtual courses led by certified trainers.
  • Practice Exams: Simulated exams that help you gauge your readiness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Documentation and Whitepapers: Detailed technical documentation available on the Microsoft website.


The MIC-MCAAA (Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – AZ-104) certification is a valuable credential for IT professionals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers in cloud computing. With its comprehensive coverage of essential Azure administration tasks, the certification ensures that holders are well-prepared to manage and optimize Azure environments effectively. Whether you are looking to enhance your current role or pursue new opportunities, the MIC-MCAAA certification can be a significant step forward in your professional journey.