Importance of Global Security Systems

With a growing global itch for e-commerce and Internet transactions, security of systems has become a hot topic around the world. With the number of Internet users almost exponentially growing every year, there is more and more information and personal data online and vulnerable to cyber terrorists or hackers. The situation has gotten so serious that the President of the United States, possibly one of the most powerful men in the world, has taken charge and began acting out against cyber terrorism.

Professionals and critics say that this is not nearly enough. It’s not the systems themselves that are the problem, rather the users that make the systems vulnerable. Security systems are upgraded, and almost immediately hackers are hard at work cracking and breaking codes to force their way through the doors. It’s a game to them. The harder the security locks, the more fun it is.

Many cases we have seen money solve the problem; but when it comes to knowledge, it’s almost as if money isn’t part of the picture. Millions of dollars are being spent on securing companies networks, and single users are wiping them out completely with $1000 machines. Just as the hackers have united into an underground army of experienced and powerful computer users, companies and businesses are going to have to take an offensive and attack back with strategy, not with currency.