Production of biotin in chemical synthesis method

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. It is an important coenzyme for fat metabolism and carboxyl reaction. It is an important nutrition enhancer and the reference nutrient intake for per person per day is about 10-20ug. Biotin supplier recommends that intake for adult is 30-100ug per day.


Biotin is also a livestock growth and development essential to a biological catalyst during growth s development of livestock and weight gain, the quality of the meat, fur, and so influential. The Chinese market, the amount of biotin, and used only for medicine and cosmetics, others such as the amount of feed additives. Biotin complex production process is the highest technical content of all vitamin products. The main methods are extraction, fermentation and chemical synthesis.

The extraction of alumina chromatography biotin extracted from egg yolk, milk and animal liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs, refined obtained by distillation under vacuum. The production of small, high cost, the product was mainly used in the production of biological reagents. Fermentation using microorganisms by fermentation in the system, this method operation is not easy, the yield is not high, and the quality is not stable enough. Chemical synthesis is to use 2 – amino – 3 – dimercapto sodium acetate as the starting material. It will have reactions with chlo