Victoria’s Secret DISCLOSED

It all started with a simple shopping spree. I had decided to surprise my wife with a new purchase of special clothing essentials from every man’s dreamiest of feminine wardrobe stores.

Yes, it was Victoria’s Secret.

After spending a few hours there, I mean, a few minutes, something became very apparent to me. It was very obvious to anyone with a trained eye and the gift of 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 observance. It became very apparent that I was the only man in a store mainly comprised of women who was shopping alone.

At that moment, I could sense it. Obviously, I was Ted Bundy, Osama Bin Ladin and Sadam Hussein, all rolled into one.

Now, I’m being humorous, but every man who has embarked upon a shopping mission such as this can empathize with me.

Should I get cotton? Should I get satin? Should I get silk? What about lace? Of course, you have to touch the cloth and check the size to find just the right purchase, which causes even more feelings of suspicion as you lift each garment from the table it is displayed on. “I sure hope they don’t think I’m some kind of pervert”, I remember thinking.

After several, seemingly unapproachable moments, a young lady decided she would close the chasm that existed between us and, sheepishly I might add, ask if I needed some help. In this store where every piece of clothing is practically of an intimate nature, she assisted me in finding the sizes I needed.

Through all my humorous discomfort something began to dawn on me. While I didn’t go in on a mission of finding out what Victoria’s Secret “secret” is, I think this experience may have disclosed it.